Shining a Light


Global Issues and Methods of Change

About Shine Impact

Shine Impact supports and facilitates social impact initiatives and delivers a range of educational programs that guide and empower individuals to engage in self-initiated social impact. With daily content, our platform provides endless opportunities for people to develop their skills and initiate positive change for the causes they feel passionate about.

Our Vision

A world where young people have access to education and are invested in positive social change.


Our Mission

We provide education programs to young people, inspiring them to reach their full potential and make a positive impact on the world.


Our Values


We relentlessly champion and support education and positive outcomes for the Shine community.


We collaborate with the Shine community to share knowledge, resources, and build on existing community efforts.


We strive to provide stable, long-term outcomes for the Shine community. We will always be accountable, transparent, and ethical in the way we do business.


We believe that all people have the right to decide their own future. We support people to make their own decisions and choose their path.


We are committed to listening to the needs of the communities we work within and keep them at the heart of everything we do.

Our Team

Christine Thornton

Christine is the CEO of Shine Cambodia and co-founder of Shine Impact. Christine has overseen services and organisations in the not-for-profit, social enterprise and community services arena for over 15 years with an education and research background in mental health and an interest in creative technologies and product development.

Christine is passionate about researching and developing simple and empowering solutions to connect people. She has a passion for positive engagement and social change utilising innovative and educative technology. Christine is also an entrepreneur and the CEO and co-founder of COREmpower, a mental health online platform.

Daniel Hamilton

Daniel is co-founder and content editor of Shine Impact. Since he was 19, Daniel has helped lead Shine Cambodia’s social justice program for teenagers in Australia in his position as Head of Youth Development and Board Member for Shine Cambodia.

Daniel is currently completing a degree in Law and Global Studies with a focus on both intercultural communication and humanitarian law.  His 5 years of studying has including research and practical experience in South-East Asia, including environmental sustainability in Borneo and methods to combat modern slavery. He is currently completing an honours thesis focusing on how tech regulation through internal law may prevent online child exploitation.

Suzanne Wright

Suzanne is the founder of Shine Cambodia. She has taught secondary English for 17 years in the UK and in Australia. Her experience of teaching young people who want to make a difference in the world, and setting up a charity to help children she met overseas, came together in Shine Impact.

Four years ago, Suzanne started sharing her founding journey with her high school students, they were so engaged she recruited them as volunteers and, together, they raised $10,000s for Shine. Seeing the direct impact they had, motivated them and propelled them to dive deeper into social justice. To date, Suzanne has delivered a social impact course to over 250 young people, and has gone on to co-write further courses for Shine Impact, to engage anyone who wishes to see change in the world.