Shine Impact is an online community of people, connected by their social concerns and desire for change.

Offering the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and develop skills, to initiate positive social change for causes we care about.

What We Mean by Social Impact

By ‘impact’ we mean: a mission to improve communities and the environment in which we live.

By ‘social’ we mean: issues of human rights, particularly affecting those traditionally marginalised groups.

We need to define this in order to create and maintain a safe and conscientious platform. Facilitators, content curators, and users join the community with an expectation that what they share and discuss aligns with our mission and definition.

We will spotlight and explore social causes and methods to make positive change. These will be the core of Shine Impact’s programs and activities. 

WHO is Shine Impact aimed at?

People Who:

  • are concerned about our society and the world, and want to see change
  • want to find their passion and what to connect with
  • are passionate about particular social causes and want to share and discuss them
  • want to instigate, and participate in, social change
  • want to develop their skills to initiate that change
  • are donors of Shine Cambodia and want to double their impact.

Shining a Light


Global Issues and Methods of Change

How Shine Impact supports Shine Cambodia

All our profits go to Shine Cambodia, enabling us to continue to educate the children and support their families.

Our Team

A Powerful Community

By joining you’ll be connected with a range of like-minded, passionate individuals who similarly seek to make a difference in their local communities and the world, allowing you to share ideas, resources and opportunities with one another.